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Arkham LaunchPad, What Are KOLs Saying About This Event?

The Arkham Intelligence (ARKM) project was recently announced as the next project to appear on Binance Launchpad and has also announced an airdrop for early users. However, some off-stage events have occurred that have caused the project to lose the trust of the community.

According to a survey, about 90% of negative opinions come from KOLs with strong influence on the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency markets. This can be seen as a lack of user trust in Arkham.

Arkham illegally collects user data

Negative opinions about Arkham indicate that they are truly concerned about privacy, including wallet addresses, device IDs, and current location when using the platform. This data collection is seen as an unlawful act, yet Arkham continues to do so, causing users’ trust to decrease over time.

Olimio – a KOL with 165,300 followers stated: “Doxxing as a Service goes against everything that many teams are trying to accomplish with blockchain technology”.

Doxxing is the act of searching for and publicly disclosing personal information about a person, such as addresses, phone numbers, emails, social media accounts, family information, etc. without their consent. This action is often carried out with the purpose of invading privacy, threatening, attacking, or seeking revenge. Doxxing is often used in cases related to disputes, conflicts, or cybercrime.

User emails leaked

Arkham wants to increase the number of platform users, so they encourage users to register for the waitlist or through referral links to experience the project’s product. Additionally, Arkham will calculate points based on the number of people who register for the referral program to carry out airdrops for those who have registered to use the platform and those with high referrals.

However, a scandal related to user information being leaked broke out after the community discovered a problem with Arkham’s referral links.

Specifically, a user discovered that Arkham’s referral links contained information about users’ email addresses, and anyone could read this email address by decoding Base-64.

By decoding Base-64, Arkham can easily collect and record user data such as wallet addresses, device IDs, and location. They can use email for direct marketing and advertising based on interests, as well as share information with third-party platforms and social media.

OKHotshot stated: “Users’ private e-mails have been exposed through the referral program, directly linking to user wallets which lead to D’ing the users. Arkham knew since January but did nothing for months.”

However, there are still optimistic, positive people about Arkham and believe that Onchain analysts can make money by selling doxxed data on Arkham Intel. They believe that this is very normal information and does not affect those whose information has been leaked.

Is Arkham related to the CIA?

In addition to the above troubles, the blockchain community has continued to find the Linkedin account of Arkham’s CEO – Miguel Morel showing an interest in the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). There is some information suggesting that Arkham also has relationships with other intelligence agencies such as the FBI and NSA.

There are allegations that the CIA may have backdoor access to Arkham’s platform, allowing them to collect user data without users’ knowledge. Moreover, if a user’s account is compromised, the CIA can access data through legal means.

On Tuesday, July 11, Arkham Intel held a press conference, where they explained their commitment to privacy and the cryptocurrency community. They admitted to inadvertently disclosing email addresses in referral URLs and committed to fixing the problem as well as denying any connection to the CIA.

Spot On Chain is different from Arkham

Spot On Chain (SOC) is a groundbreaking platform that harnesses the power of AI to make on-chain data analysis simple and accessible for all traders.

Spot On Chain uses AI to scan and analyze on-chain data at an unprecedented scale and speed. This means that you can get the insights you need to make better trading decisions, without having to spend hours poring over data.

Our AI engines work tirelessly like thousands of data scientists to deliver what were once impossible to obtain manually. Spot On Chain is well set to become the most powerful on-chain data analytics platform”

Unlike Arkham’s use of Intel to Earn – earning money by exchanging or trading valuable on-chain data, Spot On Chain offers a wide range of features, including:

  • A streamed line on-chain newsfeed that covers smart traders, whale movement, and token unlocks.
  • A perfect view of multi-chain token flows, with P&L on exchange overview.
  • The ability to request AI analysis on any wallet of interest.
  • The ability to create personal alert channels for any token or wallet.
  • Multichain wallet integration, so you can make winning transactions in an instant.

Currently, Spot On Chain plans to launch the Open Beta version at the end of July with promising airdrop campaigns to reward early users. To participate and experience the platform early, users need to join the project’s telegram to receive the Referral Code and request access to the project.

Spot On Chain also commits to not making mistakes in using Doxxing to collect user data and will not make similar.

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