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Shardeum May Be The Next Aptos Airdrop, Don’t Miss It

Shardeum is an EVM-compatible blockchain that scales linearly to maintain cheap transaction fees, fast transaction speeds, and high TPS thanks to its “State Sharding” mechanism.

1. Investment funds and fundraising rounds

Shardeum is a layer 1 blockchain project that just went through its first funding round in October 2022. The project successfully raised $18.2M and was valued at about $199M. 

Investment funds participating in the round include The Spartan Group, Jane Street Capital, Big Brain Holdings, Foresight Ventures, and MH Ventures.

2. Number of followers and users

Shardeum already has all the basic communication channels of a blockchain project.

  • Twitter: 184,636 fl
  • Discord: 381k fl
  • Telegram: 10,127 fl

Shardeum is still in the process of being tested. According to the statistics from can see that the number of users interested in this project is a lot:

Network Growth Metrics:

  • Smart contracts: 45k
  • Number of accounts: >540k
  • Transactions: >1.5M
  • Number of projects in the ecosystem: 105

The project has a large number of followers, but there may still be many cheaters to flow the airdrop.

3. Tokenomic

– Token name: SHM

– Total supply: 508M SHM

– Total supply at mainnet time: 81.28M SHM

  • Fund account: 55.88M SHM (11%)
  • Ecosystem/airdrop: 25.4M SHM (5%)

– The following accounts will start receiving SHM within 3 months (90 days) after the mainnet launch:

  • Team: 55.88M SHM (15%), pay about 104,383 SHM per day after 90 days
  • Sale: 91.44M SHM (18%), pay about 125,260 SHM per day after 90 days

The remaining 51% goes to validators. SHM will be created to start the mainnet. (it is not clear whether running the testnet node will be rewarded with tokens or not).

There is no confirmation that the project will receive an airdrop when running the node, but if the project does not confirm the airdrop by running the node, it is not clear what factor it will use as a condition because currently there is only running the node and claim testnet token.

4. Roadmap

The project has completed 90% of the targets set out in the roadmap published. In the second quarter of 2023, Shardeum will conduct the final development, conduct the public sale of SHM tokens and launch the mainnet.

5. Airdrop Guide

Step 1: Add the Shardeum network to your Metamask. Both versions 1.6 and 2.0 are available, but most dapps are only available on version 1.6. Therefore, add both options and use whichever is appropriate.

Step 2: To claim a testnet token on their Discord, use the command “/faucet 0x012345…” in the Faucet channels.

Step 3: Swapping and Adding liquidity

Step 4: Create your NFT

Step 5: Register your own domain name

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