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Bitmap Introduces Phase 2 Development for Bitcoin Metaverse Digital Real Estate

Bitmap, a Bitcoin Metaverse project, is taking a significant step forward with its upcoming launch of Phase 2, The Parcelling. This phase brings a new concept that allows users to carve out their own parcels within districts, making them independent of blocks. This development marks an essential milestone in the creation of digital real estate on Bitcoin.

With confidence in their approach, the Bitmap team guarantees users an excellent experience and efficient indexing from the start. This testing presents an exciting opportunity for digital real estate on Bitcoin.

Bitmap launches Phase 2 Bitcoin Metaverse

Bitmap will unveil several new features as part of Phase 2, including specialized parcel carving tools, parcel indexing tracing, new parcel carving standards, full core indexing rule set on GitHub, and mscribe integration. These features will enhance their platform accessibility, making it easier for users to navigate and use digital real estate in the Bitcoin Metaverse.

Bitmap’s unique approach to digital land differentiates it from other Metaverse projects. Rather than limiting the number of parcels, Bitmap links the creation of new Bitmaps to Bitcoin blocks. This means that up to 144 potential new Bitmap can be created daily, providing numerous opportunities for users to discover and confirm their digital assets.

The project community has demonstrated impressive commitment and consensus, with over 18,000 holders investing around $720,000 to support the project’s vision. This strong support is an excellent indicator of the future of the project and its role in shaping the Bitcoin Metaverse.

As the Bitmap universe continues to expand, new ways to navigate and experience the Bitcoin Metaverse on various devices will emerge. The creation of a “browser” tailored specifically for districts may become a vital component of the Metaverse’s future, providing users with a seamless and immersive experience.

Bitmap’s development roadmap includes possibilities such as a Play2Earn world similar to Minecraft and a voxel game builder. Additionally, projects like Recursions by @huuep and @OnChainMonkey can bring even more innovative and exciting opportunities to the Bitcoin Metaverse.


The unveiling of Phase 2 is a significant milestone for Bitmap and the Bitcoin Metaverse, providing users with a unique chance to invest in digital real estate on Bitcoin. However, it is essential to remember that this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.

Before making any decisions in the digital space, thorough research is always necessary. Although the future of the Bitcoin Metaverse is undoubtedly exciting, like any new frontier, it comes with risks and uncertainties. To learn more about this project and the Bitcoin Metaverse, please visit their official website and social media channels.

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