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Era Lend Has Been Attacked and SyncSwap May Be The Next Victim

CertiK, a leading blockchain security agency, immediately issued a warning to Skynet after obtaining some files from Era Lend’s defi system that cannot be restored on zkSync. The incident has caused chaos in the cryptocurrency community. According to reports from Spreekaway, the impact of the attack is being evaluated, but the Era Lend team is confident that the situation is under control.

USDC pool has been completely hacked

At 7:30 pm on July 25 (UTC +7), a Twitter user named Spreek warned that Era Lend had been hacked for 1.7M USDC by a hacker. However, after only 30 minutes, another account continued to warn that the total amount of money hacked from this platform was about 3.4M USDC. This is believed to be the address of the attacker: 0xf1D076c9Be4533086f967e14EE6aFf204D5ECE7a

Currently, this wallet owns 542.101 ETH (1M USD) on the ETH Mainnet, and the attacker’s wallet has been continuously transferring money to this wallet since the attack on the project.

Users with funds on Era Lend are reporting the impacts of this hack. According to a user who owns 786.162 USDC on the platform, they borrowed about 283.0596 ETH, equivalent to 524.509 dollars. Therefore, the maximum loss for this user is estimated at around 261.652 dollars. If we calculate for all Era Lend users, the total damage could be very large.

However, Era Lend has confirmed that only USDC has been affected in this incident, and all other assets are still secure. The platform also encourages users not to deposit USDC during this time to ensure their safety.

Currently, the USDC pool on the project has been completely attacked, and users who have added liquidity need to withdraw liquidity and perform revoke to avoid being attacked by hackers.

SyncSwap is very likely to be attacked similarly to Era Lend

After the hacker attack on a zkSync network project, Era Lend, @BlockSecTeam has discovered a piece of code from SyncSwap that needs attention. This account warns that users need to be careful when connecting their wallets to this project.

The code shows a similarity between this code of SyncSwap and Era Lend, which may cause the risk of being hacked to repeat. Users should disconnect from the project’s website and perform revoke steps to ensure safety.

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