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Become Spot On Chain Captains and Ignite Your Crypto Journey!

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, where innovation knows no bounds, a unique opportunity awaits those who are passionate and enthusiastic about blockchain technology and decentralized finance. Welcome to the “SOC Captains” program, where you can become an integral part of our vibrant community, unlock exclusive roles, and reap incredible rewards. From October 23rd to November 23rd, we invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us!

Unleash Your Potential: Roles and Activities

Spot On Chain has devised three exceptional roles for you to aspire to:

Community Captain: Do you thrive on engaging discussions and relish contributing to an active and thriving community? If so, join the ranks of Community Captains, where the most enthusiastic participants will be handpicked. Dive into discussions on platforms like Discord and Telegram and let your passion shine.

Social Captain: Are you a Twitter aficionado with a penchant for hashtags? As a Social Captain, you can amplify your enthusiasm on the social media platform. Share, retweet, and actively engage with SOC’s official Twitter posts, using specific hashtags like #SOC #AI #ONCHAIN #SIGNAL. Make your voice heard and your presence felt in the crypto-sphere!

Trading Captain: If you’ve accumulated valuable experiences, knowledge, or profits by following SOC’s signals, this
 role is tailor-made for you. As a Trading Captain, you can secure a coveted market enthusiast role. Share your insights and expertise to help others navigate the crypto market successfully.


Participating in the SOC Captains program is as simple as one, two, three! Start by registering with your Discord ID via the provided form. Once you’re in, you can engage in one or all three activities to secure your desired role. Your level of engagement is the key to success. The more you contribute, the higher your chances of being selected. We’ll be selecting candidates from the top down, so your active involvement is your ticket to success!

Unlock the Treasure: Exclusive Benefits

What makes the SOC Captains program even more exciting are the exclusive rewards awaiting you. Once you’ve secured one of the coveted roles, you’ll receive an incredible reward of 10,000 SOC Credits. But here’s the kicker – if you manage to secure all three roles, you can earn a staggering 50,000 SOC Credits. It’s your golden opportunity to bolster your crypto portfolio and make the most of your involvement!

Decoding SOC Credits: Your Ticket to a World of Possibilities

You might be wondering, what are SOC Credits? These credits are the currency within our platform, functioning as a means of payment for utilizing various features. Whether you want to access premium tools, obtain in-depth market insights, or tap into advanced features, SOC Credits are your gateway to a world of possibilities. To find more information on how to earn and utilize them, be sure to read our dedicated article.

Join Us on the Journey to the Future

The program is set to run for the first cycle from 23.10 to 23.11,2023. Spot On Chain CM will be presented both in Discord and Telegram to assist and carry out daily evaluation on members engagement.

The SOC Captains program isn’t just about earning rewards; it’s an opportunity to explore the advanced features of our platform and become an integral part of our growing community. For those who stick with us for the long term, there’s the promise of special incentives down the road. This is your chance to join the crypto revolution and be part of something big in the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology.

We can’t wait to welcome you on board!

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