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SpotOnChain Launched Extended Beta, aiming at fueling crypto communities’s unbounded growth with seamless signals

Following the resounding success of the beta version’s launch, which attracted over 200,000 users in just two months, SpotOnChain is thrilled to announce the next evolution of the platform, the Extended Beta Version

This new phase is set to redefine the landscape of cryptocurrency analytics with state-of-the-art on-chain signal and a broader delivery method, taking community growth and user engagement to a whole new level. This article will walk you through the highlights through which we create the impact we aimed for.

Platform Will Be Opened for Public Access

$5000 Raffles Rewards Pool Await

After completing the Beta phase, our platform has undergone substantial enhancements based on valuable feedback from our initial users. We’ve bolstered features and fortified stability, ensuring a seamless experience as our user base expands.

From this point forward, creating an account and accessing standard features no longer requires an access code. 

However, joining the platform through Ambassadors network invitation link will give your account an extra bonus credit to try some advanced features. If you wish to become a part of our Ambasadors network, click here

To mark this significant milestone, we’ve introduced a special celebratory event from 2 PM UTC 22nd Jan to 7 AM UTC 1st Feb, every user who joins the platform will be eligible for a Raffle Reward Pool that is worth $5,000. The winners will be announced during our first Community AMA event of the year, tentatively scheduled for the 2nd of Feb, 2024.

Register and set a reminder to join AMA here

More details about the event can be found here

Smart On-chain Signals Newsfeed

Faster, More Precise and Comprehensive with fine tuned AI engines

At the core of the Extended Beta Version is the upgraded Smart On-Chain Signal Newsfeed. This feature, intrinsic to the SpotOnChain experience, now offers users the latest on-chain information with an added layer of intelligence and the fastest speed possible. 

We seamlessly fused the newsfeed with our AI engine, ensuring that real-time alerts come paired with automatically generated analytic reports. This integration brings a heightened level of sophistication to the platform’s information delivery, offering users a more insightful and streamlined experience.

The way alerts are sent to users has also been enhanced, creating a seamless link between the alerts and the auto-generated signal details, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of each signal. 

We’ve also introduced an AI fast alert option, enabling users to effortlessly subscribe to all vital on-chain events based on AI recommendations, eliminating the need to pick them individually.

Expanded Signal Delivery and Partner Integration

Dedicated bot to streamline on-chain signals to Discord and Telegram

In a bid to cater to a wider audience, the Extended Beta Version brings you SpotOnChain’s very own Telegram bot and Discord bot. Combined with our web platform and mobile app, the bot now offers a multi-faceted approach to accessing on-chain insights. 

Users can interact with these bots to request information similar to what our platform provides, enhancing your user experience across platforms.

This development notably aligns with our overarching goal of cultivating on-chain data-driven communities globally. We envision a near future where traders are empowered by the latest on-chain insights, fostering informed decision-making, and community growth is propelled through elevated member engagement.

If you’re the owner of a substantial Telegram or Discord group and wish to provide your members with on-chain insights directly within your community, you can now fully integrate our bot. 

This integration ensures that important on-chain signals, complete with detailed information, are delivered to your community, enhancing the value you offer to your members

Optimised User Experience in Multiple Languages

Faster speed, more adaptive alerts, beautiful visuals for a satisfactory experience, and available in 8 languages.

In this Extended Beta Version, the mobile app has undergone significant improvements in terms of speed. We’ve introduced new alerts and panel notifications, ensuring that you never miss important updates. The transaction interface and visualizer outlook have also received fresh updates, enhancing the overall user experience.

Most importantly, Spot On Chain will be available in 8 languages and continues to expand language options, including English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Premium Accounts

Spot On Chain Beta users have expressed immense satisfaction with the standard features, finding them significantly beneficial for their trading activities and on-chain research. Going forward, we are committed to keeping these core features completely free, enabling a broad spectrum of traders to readily access and leverage the power of on-chain AI.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to unveil a range of Premium Packages designed to precisely cater to the diverse needs of our users. Whether you’re an individual investor, a seasoned trader, a crypto community leader, or part of a research team, our Premium Packages are crafted to enhance and elevate your experience on Spot On Chain.

Premium accounts bring a host of practical benefits, including access to Premium features, content unlock, a Free Visualizer quota, Referral Quota, Reward Bonus Boost, and seamless Partner Integration with Telegram/Discord bot.

Our Premium Packages offer three lanes:

  1. PINONEER: Tailored for the savvy individual trader and investor.
  2. PROFESSIONAL: Designed for on-chain researchers and community leaders.
  3. ENTERPRISE: The most powerful pack, ideal for teams engaged in in-depth research.

What sets our Premium service apart is the sophistication level of analytics embedded in each on-chain insight. Every signal undergoes meticulous analysis, providing truly actionable information delivered directly to your phone in an organized manner, tailored to your interests.

As a Premium user, you’ll enjoy the privilege of being the first to access super powerful features currently in development, such as Copy Trade or Robo Trade. Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge Premium experience.

Always on point, build unbounded growth with Spot On Chain seamless signals in the approaching bull-run!

With the Extended Beta Version, SpotOnChain continues to push the boundaries of cryptocurrency analytics. As we venture further into the beta phase, stay tuned for even more exciting features that are on the horizon. Join us now to explore the latest version of SpotOnChain and be at the forefront of cryptocurrency insights. The future of crypto analysis has arrived – be a part of it!

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